Как странно, что человек может тебе быть одновременно любим и чужд. Ты рядом, но в то же время ты далеко, одинок…
Устала, столько лишнего всего. Люди как улитки весь свой багаж вечно тащать ссабой, своей прошлое в настоящие или в будущее,парой толком не живя сегодняшнего дня.Как странно, что время уже прошло, года прошли, а человеческая память все еще помнит все чувства, все обиды, все.. и ни как не может оставить там где оно принадлежит.
Нами руководит страх и эмоции прошлого, что так сильно впились нам в душу, что даже не знаю чем это можно искореннить. как клещь…которого питает наш разум.

Опомнитесь люди… живите сегодня, благодарите за все что у вас есть. все мы разные, и раз на раз не приходиться. любить можно заного, надо только позволить себе этого, позволить себе быть счастливым…


Why we don`t get what we want

Why we don`t get what we want? It is a very good question, because many people are so much trying to accomplish things and reach their goals, but in spite of all efforts they still don`t have it. So why it is like that? What is the core problem?

Today I was listening to a good seminar by Russian psychoanalytic Sergey Kovalev (Сергей Ковалев), who is giving an answer for above stated questions. And I though it would be a shame to not spread his message further.

The first think he said that I really liked that people don`t know what they want. And logically it is impossible to have something what is not in your mind. It is related to absolutely everything, for example -if you don`t see yourself with the mac book, you will not have it, if you don`t have a model of happiness/ love/ success etc. in your mind you will simply not have it.
And if you don`t define what you want, in your life will happen things what you don`t want, what creates all the human problems.

People, who set their goals are already in the half way to making them come true. Otherwise you are like a boat without any direction, from where rise all the problems.

Regarding to problem solving, Doctor Kovalev describes 3 types of people:
1. Winners – transforming problems in benefits, learning and solving them with own forces
2. Don`t win/ don`t loose: those are people orientated to a social defense, they believe that government/society is responsible for their problems and their solving
3. Losers – people with psychological defense that means ability to live with the problems and not get crazy about having them.

And then he is presenting 4 models how different people are solving their problems:

1. with excitement – that means that people are smoking weed/ using drugs/drinking, getting high, forgetting themselves in crazy night life etc.
2.with adoption – people, who are simply adopted to their everyday situation/problems
3.with violence – people, who are trying to solve their problems with the help of violence (typical example is one nations genocide or intolerance to another nation)
4.with helplessness – violence towards themselves

In order to not be in one of those models, every person should concentrate on a goal not on the problem. Problem is going away, when goal (s) are set.

And again here is very important moment – motivation. What you will get, when you will accomplish your goal? What is worth achieving it?

To not have such doubts you should clearly define what is WISH and what is NECESSITY?

WISH – something what we truly desire, from button of our heart

NECESSITY – something what we need, but not necessary is our wish (might be a social cliche putted by society)

If you can`t understand the difference, try to think about such questions:
– Can you have what you want?
– Criteria – is it worth it to have it?
– Will it give me what I want? (and what you want?)
– Again.. is it worth efforts and time, that you will use in order to get what you want?
– Do I imagine that I really want it?

That is why it is very important to sit down and write your wishes and aims. Clearly describe them and believe in it, because mind has a great power to materialize everything what is on it.
People come from different societies and backgrounds, it is good to encourage yourself to want and know that you can have it. Our parents have a big role in our nurture and direct impact on our nowadays life vision. As much as you are motivated on success, you will programme yourself to a success and always will want more.
For people, who were told in childhood that they are nobody, always should stay quite and stand out, is very essential to work on their values.
I really liked quotation by Doctor Kovalev “Past is not what happened to you, but that what you did with it”

I hope this review will help to people formulate their wishes, get rid of not necessary past scenarios and achieve goals by changing mindset to a positive thinking.

It should always be, life mode: successful! 🙂

Deepak Chopra “Seven Spiritual laws of success”

As usually life proved to me that there are no coincidences, and everything is happening for the reason. People you meet,  random conversations you hear in restaurant, street, any other place – all that is sending you some message, giving an answer for your question. Isn’t that interesting, how everything is related?

We are who we are, and we are where we are, because we created certain situations and attracted certain people around us.

When I was in 9th grade, I use to have discussion about meaning of life with my Latvian language teacher. She was one of my first teachers, who introduced me to law of attraction. I remember she suggested to me to buy the book written by Deepak Chopra “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”.  And I bought it and red, as usually underlining most interesting parts for myself, so I can later re-read it.

And now came this LATER time, after almost 10 years, this book again is in my hands.  Was it a coincidence? I don`t think so… It was exactly what I was needing, to remind myself things what I have forgotten.

It was very interesting to see, what I underlined as a teenager, what were my comments. Things on what I disagreed, now I understand it and it is part of my every day life.

This post is dedicated to people, who are looking for themselves, who are looking for success in their lives.  And that is just my review of book and I will point out those things, what were interesting to me.

Many people are looking for success and happiness in materiality. It works something like that : “If I will have, this job position I will rule these people, if I will have this car, I will be superior among my friends, if I will have a lot of money, people will respect me”.

This is usual EGO talk of successful being,what is durable as long as you have all above mention conditions and material things. But what happens, when you loose your job position, bankrupt or your extra modern car is stolen, you are back where you were before. No more glamorous friends and people, who respected you. All that is gone, because that weren’t you. That was an social image what was created by achieving material goods.

But, actually, everybody have essential start point of being successful. It is your human being, to be successful, you have to discover your potential, your inner you, what is not leaded by EGO power. And that is a lot of work, but it is pleasure as well, because you will notice the difference immediately. Your life will change 180 degrees and it will be driven by the inner light and your personality sunshine.

Deepak Chopra offers the 7 principles on how to achieve it and I will share them with you:

1. Stop judging and evaluating everything around you.

-No gossips, no talks about colleagues weird outfit etc.

– stop deviding everything in right and wrong, black or white. Start to accept things and people as they are.

– Start your everyday with words “No matter what happens today I will not judge/evaluate it”

– Find a moment for being just with yourself, it can be meditation, being in the nature, find your inner self.

2. Law of Giving

Not just Deepak Chopra is putting accent on this law, this is the basis for all humanity success. It is law of the universe, what you give, you receive.  I would call it Natural Balance, what is core of all EXISTANCE.

– It is very important to give from your heart, because everything is energy, what is in the non-stop circulation process. There is no end and there is no beggining, but there is always exchange. That is why our ancestors chose 8 as a infinity symbol.

If we want that this energy returns to us, we have to let it flow.  One of the best examples of the energy is money. Yes, it is alive. It is like s river, it flows and asks to be always in a circulation. If it will stop to flow, it will destroy its power of liveness. Money is for spending, not for collecting it under your bed! And believe me – it works! You have to spend it with the pleasure and I just love to spend it 🙂 and money loves me, so that is why it is always flowing to me.

– As I mentioned before, it is very important to give from heart. If you think that you will loose something by giving, then this gift is not coming with energy and it will not make you happier and bring you success.

– When you give, you have to give with happiness and awareness that this gift will make happier the receiver, then it is worth giving.

It is very easy : if you want to be happy – give happiness, if you want to be loved – learn to love others, if you want to be valued – learn to appreciate people.

I especially love these words of D.Chopra “The easiest way to reach what you want, is by helping other people to achieve what they want”.

Decide for yourself to start everyday with a gift for first person you meet.  You can wish him a good day in silence and it will be loud message for Universe!

3. Karma law

If we want to be happy we have to learn to plant happiness seeds. Karma means awareness of each action we take. Life is about choices, just you can decide, which one to take.

– When you make a choice, it is very important to listen to your inner voice. Your body will react and give a signal if this is a right choice for you and people around you.

– All your life is experiences, by learning from them, you have to make your Karma better.  Ask yourself question, why I was in this life situation, what should I learn? If you do so, you will find and understand your life purpose.

4. Be aware that everything is easy reachable, everything is simple. If we let ourselves to love, happiness and harmony, we can reach everything with minimum effort.

– Accept everything and everyone as it is – here and now. Be aware that this moment is exactly like that as it should be, because whole Universe is as it should be. You can wish that in the future things might be different, but this moment you HAVE TO accept as it is.

– Reality is your interpretation of exact moment. It is up to you, what kind of print it will leave on your life.  Take responsibility for each situation, where you are.

– In each problem is hidden possibility and opportunity

5. Law of desire and wish

– Always know what you want and then step away from it, trust the Universe, it will respond to your wish and make it come true.

– Don’t let other people and their criticism affect you. Keep your wishes to yourself.

6. Do not posses result of your wish. BUT it doesn’t mean that you have to step away from your desire to make it come true.

If you will always know the result, you will miss out so many opportunities and possibilities, what could make your life even better.

7. Dharma or purpose of life law

Everyone in this world have some purpose, some reason, why he/she is here.

– You have to understand your purpose

– you have to use your unique talent, what don’t have others

– you have to serve to civilization and think how can you help and make this world better.

If you have question – “what can I gain from this situation?”, be aware – that is your EGO talking.

“How can I help?” – your inner being talking

And remember answer to all questions is ABSOLUTE LOVE




The fountain

At that night Verona was specially beautiful, because it was her best friends wedding. She finally found her real love and wedding bells rung. That is all, now their love is united in the sky. Somewhere above all mortal their love entered in endless Universe. It is infinite and blessed. What two can wish more.

Audrina left earlier, she had lots of thoughts in her mind. After getting lost in Verona`s streets, she faced a fountain. It was beautiful marble statute with face up on the moon. Audrina thought to herself, that it is so strange that piece of stone can express such a loneliness and disappointment.  Marble lady was looking on the stars, into eternity.  It reminded herself. She layed down on a side of fountain and started to look, to look there, where suppose to be answers to all question.

Thousands of thoughts were crossing her mind.  She has everything – wonderful job, where she is successful woman, amazing friends, men run after her. So what is missing then? But there was a hole in her chest,  each time she breathed it caused huffing pain.  Unsustainable to breath. She put her  palm on the chest and pressed it as much as she could, but pain did not go away. It was something from deep inside, bigger…

She started a inner monologue with stars, because she knew they will understand. They been their for, God knows how many million years, they been there forever and forever will be.  Her heart spoke, asked questions and gave answers.

“I left you in 2010, but I still feel you in 2011. How come? How to erase that feeling, what I tried to deny so much? So many questions and so many answers are given to me. To process and to analyze again and again, over and over into my head.  My mind says to me – what is the point? You know everything what you wanted to know. What is the point of all those thoughts, of all imaginations, of all – what if, should, would. Absolutely non existing things. Soap bubbles….

Actually It was real for me. It was real for me always and now I know that it never was for you.  And what I imagined… Please…  What I was really thinking? How many times I told myself, don”t believe – that would hurt. And after all what I was through – I did believe…

Audrina couldn`t stop blame herself for such a stupidity from her side.  She knew everything and at the same moment she did not know anything… It was heart and mind battle…




As usually I was thinking about love concept, trying to understand it, identify it. Why people get together, why they brake up, what stands behind all that. I know that really hurts, when it`s over. Left emptiness and such a big hole in your chest and you don`t know with what to fill it.

But then I thought about love and hate – how close they stand together, and I came to conclusion, that hate is the same love. Love what bleeds from pain. But it still love, deep feelings, memories and emotions. You are so deeply touched by love that you just don`t know what to feel, when other says ” it`s gone”. It is all in one, what destroys you and that is why it is called – hate.

Other thing I thought is that the worst than hate can be just indifference, when you don`t care anymore. Then it is really left nothing, no any memory can cause active nerve impulses, what makes your heartbeat faster. Your heart is still and when you look at that person, you think to yourself, did I really loved that person once? Did we had something together? And then you realize, that there is no bigger stranger than person you loved once.

It’s the only thing what counts

– “I love her!”

Stop talking about love!!! Every asshole in the world says that he loves somebody – what means nothing!

– “That’s true…”

But still .. that doesn’t mean anything.  What you feel only matters to you. Is what you do for people you say you love – that matters.  It’s the only thing what counts. And remember – you can’t fail if you don’t give up…

Dime amor amor amor, estoy aqui – no ves?

“Te amo” – son palabras muy profundas. Tienen consecuencias, responsabilidad, decisión, actitud. Tienen todo mundo incluido, todo universo, todo ser humano. Todo.

Son sagradas y siempre tiene que ser algo muy especial, algo de Dios, tienes que guardar como su alma.

Si sientes estrellas y amor en tu corazón, en tu ser humano, solamente en este momento puedes decir – te quiero. Si amor es tu energía, que no puedes guardar mas para ti mismo – puedes declarar, susurrar, gritar. Hacer lo todo que quieres para que otra persona entiende tus sentimientos.

No necesita mal usar estas palabras. Pierde su sentido, pierde todo. Se transforman en algo indefinido, como un “Hola”, “que tal?”. No hay palabras, solamente letras vacías.

Pienso que mejor es no decir nada. Mejor es actuar. “Te quiero” tiene que ser como las cerezas encima de uno postre delicioso.

Amor habla con labios cerrados…

How I did not buy my bicycle

Gosh.. I was just sitting and thinking about past events in my life and again I came to conclusion that there are no coincidences. How come? Here is simple example about how I did NOT buy a bicycle.

I am living in Copenhagen and it is impossible to imagine this city without bicycle. It’s like being without legs, because this is your primary transportation vehicle, which one by the way I still do not have.  So I was really desperate finally to have one and started to brush all Sell/Buy webpages.

Finally I found one what more or less satisfied my ambitions and needs. As a regular student I text to seller and said that I will by his bike for certain amout of money.

And here we started to bargain and at the end guy were tired from me and agreed to sell it  + coffee from me. I did not like that deal, because there are many perverts in the web. And any way bike did not have a lock, and that was important for me. So at the end I said NO, having lock as an excuse.

After couple of hours I am receiving text back in Russian: “Good luck”. But I did not notice that text was from the same number. So I wrote back: “You might be mistaken with number”

Answer: “No, I am not”. I started to think maybe someone of my friend is kidding me.

Me: “How do you know that I speak Russia”

Answer: “Well, Elena + English language in Copenhagen is not so common thing. So you must be Russian speaking or from Spain”. (Guy things pretty logical.)

Me: “Hey, I just moved from Spain to Denmark”.( Holly crap, he were right here as well!!)

Answer: “Well, I told you should had to agree for coffee”

Me: “Man..Where you from?”

Answer: “I am from Latvia, Riga”

HOLLY @$%^&$# – is that possible??? No way, me too!!

Moral of the story: Do not buy a bicycle, when you don’t need it 🙂 JUST KIDDING!!! Still be careful, not everyone can be so lucky like me to meet nice person.

Now guy is my first Latvian speaking friend. And I am so happy. And the funny thing that couple of days ago I was thinking that it’s been long time that I am not speaking Latvian and I need to make some Latvian speaking friends.

UNIVERSE responded – here you are, Elena. Just Ask and delivery service leave for Universe 🙂

P.S. Oh yeah, almost forgot, my friends – BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR:) It may come true!

Top 10 places to visit in Riga (Latvia)

In the heart of Baltic sea is located tiny country Latvia with capital Riga. Not so many people know that Latvia has huge shore line with pure white sand and fabulous beaches. Country is small, but it is so different in its landscapes and architecture, what makes travel even more interesting, because you never know with what Latvia will surprise you. Will it be Jugend-style buildings in the elite center of Riga, or Palace of Rundale – designed by famous Rastrelli architect? Did you know that F.B. Rastrelli was Russian tsar family favorite architect, who designed  Romanov’s Winter Palace in St. Petersburg? Did you know that capital of Latvia Riga was one of the main cities of Prussia in 13 century? Get on the board, fasten your seat belt and travel back in time.

When you arrive to Riga, it is impossible to not notice that city itself is an architectural monument, saturated with history what charms you with its natural beauty and symmetry. Because of its good geographical location it was subject for huge battles between many civilizations and empires, such as German, Sweden, Lithuanian, Russian. Also it was an important trade city and participated in different kinds of alliances, for example Hanseatic League in 13th–17th centuries.

Each civilization left its impact on cities’ development not just in architectural sense, but also on culture and traditions. To know Latvia’s people, you should start by understanding Riga.

First stop is (1) Riga Old town, from where starts all history. It is classic example of ancient city, because it is surrounded by water channels, what served as defense system. City was built in 1201 and as you can see in the photo streets are stretch and houses are standing side by side. Government is dedicating a decent amount of money to keep these homes beautiful. Also put attention on street names, because they tell you what kind of association was located here, weather it was butchers, shoemakers or blacksmiths.

One of my favorite places is (2) Rāts laukums and (3) Black Head House. They are located next to each other. The 17th century Blackhead’s House is a low-rise building that figures prominently as an integral part of Riga’s architectural landscape. Also it is known as a rich single man association place, where they had been dealing with their business.

In the center of old town is (4) Doma square. Usually this place is for Christmas market, where you can buy typical Latvian products such as hand knitted socks, black bread, ginger bread figures, cheese etc. But also here taking place other festivals and city events.

In all other countries presidents are living in flats, homes, villas etc., but in Latvia president lives in (5) Riga Castle. That is really curious fact, but building itself was built by Livonian Order in 13th century. Today it is the official residence of the President of Latvia, as well as home to several museums. By the way – very beautiful museums. One of the best – Marble sculpture museum, really worth it going.

Riga is not just about museums and other “boring” stuff, there are also great entertainment places, such as my favorite (6) Skyline bar on top of Reval Hotel. It is located on 26th floor of hotel and offers fantastic views across the city. The bar offers cocktails and snacks and is open

  • Sunday – Thursday 15:00 – 02:00
  • Friday, Saturday     15:00 – 03:00

After having spectacular view from Skyline bar, you can come down and chill out in (7) Apsara tea house. Apsara Tea house is located in the very center of Riga, in a park, looking over the water. It’s a wooden, oriental-style house in the middle of a grass field. The interior has a more middle-eastern feel. Downstairs there are a few table, but the place where you really want to be is the upper level where the floor is filled with comfortable cushions. Place is perfect for people, who like to lay down in the pillows, drink tea and observe pedestrians walking in the park. As well they have great assortment of teas and pastries.

You can not say that you visited Riga, without passing to (8) Bastion Hill. In my point of view, that is really beautiful and cared part of the Riga parks. Even local government doesn’t allow to sit on grass in the summer time, but when you will be in Bastion Hill, you will understand that such beauty need to be kept. I like that Old city is surrounded by parks, which passes one into another. Everything is green and arranged. Bastion Hill is famous with its bridges, what are chained by thousands locks. Couples in their wedding day, attache to bridge lock, on which are engraved their names and wedding date. afterwords they through the key in the channel. It is old and beautiful tradition what symbolizes eternal love, what can not be “unlocked”.

After nice tour around Bastion Hill, you can cont inue walking to one of the most beautiful streets o f Riga – Elizabetes Street, where you will face great (9) Jugendstil houses. It is impossible t o not notice them. Eac h building is an art work and has its personality. Definitely worth going there and spending some time on going through each detail of building.

And number (10) will be Open air museum. If you really want to understand Latvian people roots and human being, then this is exact place where to look for information. There you will find wooden houses, what are brought from all around the Latvia. Each of them have their story to tell. Just come in and explore old farming techniques, crafts and history.


I found this image and thought – yes, it is so true. Why we bother all the time what people are thinking about us. Because of the social norms and established patterns in the society? Because you always have to care?

You really DON’T HAVE TO. It is like a stamp on our personality to be always obliged to somebody something.  You are just nurtured like that and this is already in your nature and life scenario.

I know how hard is to change yourself and get out of the box, but once you are out – instead of existing – you start to live. Colors are brighter and you have final word on everything. By braking “social rules” you define your own human being. Congratulations! You are out!

And it is great to be surrounded by people like you, because they feel the taste of life and joy. They understand and accept you how you are.  I love you guys and I love me 🙂

L & S &U Forever

Be yourself

Never lie, steal, cheat, or drink.

But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love.

If you must steal, steal away from bad company.

If you must cheat, cheat death.

And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away.


Accept everything about yourself – I mean everything, you are you and that is the beginning and the end – no apologies, no regrets.


Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.


I realize that humor isn’t for everyone. It’s only for people who want to have fun, enjoy life, and feel alive.


Happiness is anyone and anything that’s loved by you.


Men play the game; women know the score.


Beautiful music. Wild party. Perfect memories.


there’s a little truth behind `just kidding`, a little knowledge behind `i don’t know` and a little emotion behind every `i don’t care`.


Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.


Break the rules. Find your freedom. Live your life.


Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.


To be happy with a man you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all.


Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.


F*ck what anyone thinks, if its going to make you happy then go for it!


Love what you do. Love who you are. Love who you’re with.


You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.


Fortunately analysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts. Life itself still remains a very effective therapist


Why blogging?

Blogging is a new thing for me, so before starting get a real big traffic and comment flow into my blog, I made a small research about blogging concept.

So… why do people blog? What is their message what they want to send into global web? What to write in your blog? All those questions are so confusing to me and I really didn’t know from where to start and what to write. I can imagine there are a lot of such people, who want to start their blog, but have no idea from where.

Luckily I had a good friend, who gave me wonderful book “The new rules of marketing and PR” by Robert Scoble. It provides you with all necessary answers about blogging.

I am not familiar with web page building and other online stuff, so I was worried will I understand all those computer programm terms. And guess what? Actually book is written in very simple language, that “mortal” people, like you and me, can easily understand. I would even say it is uplifting, because everything seems so easy that anyone can create his own blog.

I like that Robert Scoble tells his own experience in blog creation. Basically he gives you examples, where people failed and what they did to save their blogs. It means that before starting your own blog, you can learn on other people mistakes and simply avoid them. It is your blog and you can always improve it, no mater what happens.

I wrote some first posts and here I am waiting for comments. There us nothing. But why? so how people get to know my blog? How can they find it?
Other useful tip that I got is to read other people blogs, comment them and give reference to my own posts. Learn from the best, watch top blogs, watch how people are writing, about what they are writing, how they present their ideas, participate in discussions and be active in social media. Just by standing on your opinion, people will get to know you.

As I understood that My blog represents my personality, it is me who is choosing what kind of content to put in there. So be careful about what you write and think what image your blog creates about you.
All those useful tips and suggestions you can fond in the book

What makes me smile

This is my second post about smiling. I am writing it to myself  and “just in case”to everybody else, who has no enough reasons to smile or simply forgot some of them. Maybe one of my reasons will make you smile too 🙂

I smile:

-when I open in the morning my curtain and see sun, because I am so lucky to see it

– when it is raining, because I know that after rain always shines sun and all the dirt and dust are washed away by rain

– when I see starts – because they are soo beautiful and they all belong to you

– when I see flowers. Gosh – how gorgeous they are. Interesting what world would look like without those marvelous creatures

– when I think about my dear people, because they always make me feel great and are there for me

– when I do something silly. Come on – you have to know how to laugh on yourself too 🙂

– when I dance. I love dancing, it is magic for me

– when I sleep in on Saturday morning. Yes – I really need to get my beauty sleep an eight hours are not enough 😉

– when I listen good music. It is soo uplifting to hear something beautiful, while you are siting in the bus and watching people rushing around

– when I STOP and enjoy the moment. Hey – how many such moments you are going to have in your life.  They are unique, so why to not enjoy them right now?!

– when I am writing this post, because I know somebody is smiling while reading it 🙂

– when I love all the world

– when I … etc. etc. etc.

Lets spread love and smile into Universe and it will answer with the same! Write down, what makes you smile, see it everyday, add new things and then you gonna realize how happy you are, how great is your life. Just give it value and remember it always – you are painter of your life. It depends on you, what kind of colors you put. Make sure they are bright!

don’t let your mind kill you!

Guys..Aren’t you tired from thinking all the time and analyzing. Come on – really?! It is so tiring, it is useless and so pointless, because you will never know – if you will never ask.

Your mind creates stories and illusions, what simply doesn’t exist. You are building bubbles from nowhere.  How many times that happened with me. I did something, I started to worry, I let my mind consummate my brain all the day (in the best case), I felt sad, miserable and all my day was ruined, just because I have been thinking so much. And at the end – I receive call from a person and in one second she/he just pup-ups all my bubbles. Because everything what my mind made up – simply doesn’t exist and there are no foundation for that. So was it worth it to be lower than grass all the day?

So… my dear friends – lets stop analyzing and thinking so hard on something. Like said old, good Einstein – all genius is simple. Let it flow, how it should be it will be. No worries. Universe has all answers for you and they will come to you in the right time. Trust it. Don’t let your mind trap you in its web. Learn to control your thoughts. I know – sounds really easy, but believe me, when you start working on yourself, life seems much easier and you start to values much more what you have at the moment. You don’t need to fight with your mind, you need to learn to live with it and be better than all these nonsense imaginations, what basically drives your crazy. You have all power to choose about what to think. You are master of your life 🙂

Don’t waste your time on being grumpy or disappointed, there are too many great things what you could think about, there too many good ideas, what needs their realization. Life is beautiful – enjoy it! Smile – it looks good on you 🙂